Credit without proof of creditworthiness

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You can have many wishes, but they are not always easy to fulfill. Often there is no money because no savings have been made and the reserves have been used up. However, consumers cannot wait to buy some consumer goods until they have saved up the money. That is why installment loans are the appropriate means to make consumer wishes come true immediately.

To get a loan, consumers have to meet certain requirements. They must be creditworthy and must be able to prove their creditworthiness using suitable means. Consumers who have not acted in accordance with the contract with previous credit obligations can assume that information has been forwarded to Credit bureau.

As a result, the Credit bureau information provided by the person concerned is negative, which in turn means that banks will not lend in the future. Credit inquiries are rejected after the credit check. Consumers with poor Credit bureau information, with too little income, with wage replacement benefits and / or with limited employment contracts are not welcome at banks when it comes to granting loans. If the credit rating is bad, there is no credit.

The credit without proof of credit for customers who are not creditworthy

The credit without proof of credit for customers who are not creditworthy

In the eyes of banks, customers who are not creditworthy have many. The credit rating does not have to be as bad as it looks at first. Employees cannot help that the employer only gives them a temporary employment contract. Nor can they do it if they earn so little. The minimum wage will change a lot in the future. There are also ways to get a loan without proof of credit, but are relatively limited.

In this context, the term creditworthiness is to be considered somewhat more broadly. For example, if you have limited credit because the Credit bureau is negative due to a current legal dispute, you can turn to a reputable credit broker who can arrange a Credit bureau-free loan. The credit intermediaries also work with foreign partners. In German-speaking countries there are banks that provide credit without Credit bureau information to German customers if they can demonstrate a seizable income from a permanent position. If you cannot do this, a credit broker cannot usually help you either.

This loan without proof of credit, which is limited to the fact that no Credit bureau information is obtained, is a small loan. Sigma Kreditbank AG in Liechtenstein grants either 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD without Credit bureau credit, which has a mandatory term of 42 months. The first two months are redemption-free. This is followed by 40 installments of around USD 100 with a loan of USD 3,500. The offer is aimed exclusively at German consumers who are in permanent employment. Recipients of wage replacement benefits and unemployment benefits and Hartz 4 recipients nowhere get a loan. Your credit rating generally does not allow lending.

Possible alternatives for non-creditworthy customers

Possible alternatives for non-creditworthy customers

Alternatively, there is a loan without proof of credit from the insurance company. However, life insurance must be available for this. If you have a long-term life insurance with a correspondingly high surrender value, you can lend your insurance. Here the insured borrows only his own money. The Credit bureau and the creditworthiness of the insured are completely uninteresting.

In addition, there is of course always the possibility to get a loan from friends or relatives without proof of creditworthiness. As a rule, you like to help each other among friends and in the family if you have the opportunity. The loan would then also be free of charge. Nevertheless, an informal contract, in which the terms of repayment are agreed in writing, should not be waived.

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